We use various programs to create photo realistic 3d images. We start a project from various different formats, such as 2D CAD drawings, 3D Cad Models, Sketchup Models and Revit Models, that we receive from our clients.


Still Rendered Images

1. Our initial step is to take our received Cad drawings into Google Sketchup.

Cad Plan_1

2. We then create a 3d model of the Cad drawing in Google Sketchup.

Sketchup View Cads_1

3. Once we have completed the model, we take it into 3D Studio Max, where we texture, light and render it.

House Render_1

4. When the image has been rendered, we take it into Photoshop, where we tweak the it and add people and vegetation, to make your image look crisp and stunning.

House Exterior 2_1

Our clients are constantly kept in the loop through the different steps and help us with the design process, from start to finish.